Our Services

Caton Infra Tech specializes support in Infrastructure Sector.


Consulting & Project Management Service

Pre & Post Tender Bid Services :

  • Pre & Post Tender Bid Services for Construction Co’s.
  • Pre & Post Tender Bid Services for Manufacturers Co’s.
  • Liaison with Government Departments.
  • Tie up with local experienced Contractors.
  • Local rates of Materials and Availability.
  • Support, for men and material.
  • Tender bid preparation.
  • Take up Sub Contract Construction Jobs.
  • Marketing and Business Development.
  • Representation.


Representing for manufacturers, Construction Companies.

AMR Water and Energy Meters :

  • Bulk Flow Meters.
  • Pipes, Storage Tanks, Chambers, Special Fittings in HDPE, MDPE and LDPE.
  • House Service Connection.
  • Water & Sewer Rehabilitation Products.
  • Treatment Plant Electro-Mechanical Equipments.
  • Water & Sewer Pumping Mavhinery.
  • Automatic Hydraulic Valves.
  • Pipes in HDPE, MDPE and LDPEfor water, irrigation, gas, drainage.
  • Double Wall Corrugated Pipes in HDPE and PP for sewers and drainage.
  • Multi-Wall pipes for heating and plumbing, tanks.
  • Multi-Wall pipes for treatment plants, inspection chambers in HDPE, fittings, drainage channels, products for irrigation and specials.


Infrastructure Sector

Caton Infra Tech specializes in providing any kind of support for manufacturers, construction and software companies involved in following Infrastructure Sector :

  • Water & Waste Water.
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment.
  • Water & Sewer Rehabilitation.
  • Solid Waste Management.
  • Waste to Energy & Bio Energy.
  • Storm Water Drains.
  • SCADA, Automation, Instrumentation, Telemetry & Software for Utilities.
  • E-Governance Software.
  • Smart City – Products, Instrumentation, Software, Solutions.
  • Renewable Energy.

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